Hello world!

5 11 2009

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I think I’m gonna start blogging yoh !

Well hey hey hey , I made this blog, so I could stop spamming the people on my Facebook with all my crazy ideas and starrt spamming the world : )

Well what about me. Im your average guy. 17 years of age and flourishing into adulthood. Im open to anything most of the time, and Im all about making new friends, having fun, brainstorming, gaming, school ? lool whoo knows. Being totally random. Im also definitely into music (y).

Hopefully this blog’ll be the beginning of good things : ) (y)

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Ask questions. Im here to have fun (y) !


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4 11 2009

Megz ! Can You Comment On My Blog ?

So This Is Our Private Forum Megs : )

Any and everything is open for discussion !